All About Taxidermy

When people hear the word taxidermy, the first thing that enters the mind is that it is simply all about stuffing a dead animal in order to preserve it and display it as a trophy. However, taxidermy is more than that, at least for those who are interested in the craft. Taxidermy is a scientific art – it requires scientific methods and skilled practitioners in order to achieve a successful end product. There is an accurate measurement to follow and they have to study the anatomy of the different animals that are commonly “stuffed” as the compositions and chemicals


Historical Works In Taxidermy

Ever since the rise of Taxidermy as a Science and an Art, a lot of great works have captured the attention of people, and the hearts of those who love Taxidermy. In a long list of wonderful Taxidermy artworks, there are a few that has really caught the attention of the entire Taxidermy-loving population. These works can even be considered historic, in a sense, because of the way they made an impact in the world of Taxidermy, and because of the people who are behind these creations. Some of these historical works are the following great works of art:


The Wooden Bench – Inspirations for Your Place of Peace


There is definitely something in a wooden bench that inspires peace and inner tranquility while enjoying a breezy afternoon just outside your home. In fact, the wooden bench is usually a symbol of how the great outdoors can help almost everyone in dealing with the many problems in life. It’s always great to just sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds that Mother Nature has to offer! And since we’re talking about the wooden bench, I was once asked by a good friend of mine to give some good suggestions for her father’s birthday present. When I


Taxidermy 101 – The Proper Way to Storing your Trophy When Moving


For the seasoned hunter, keeping your animal mounts or trophy in mint perfect condition is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. There is no excuse that you couldn’t pack and store these important mementos of your hunting trip, even if it’s moving from one location to the other. Around a few months ago, I had to move from Southern California to my new apartment in Miami. That’s a thousand miles of moving from one location to the next. And since I have an extensive collection of animal mounts, I really had to learn how to pack, prepare and