Taxidermy 101 – The Proper Way to Storing your Trophy When Moving

For the seasoned hunter, keeping your animal mounts or trophy in mint perfect condition is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. There is no excuse that you couldn’t pack and store these important mementos of your hunting trip, even if it’s moving from one location to the other. Around a few months ago, I had to move from Southern California to my new apartment in Miami. That’s a thousand miles of moving from one location to the next. And since I have an extensive collection of animal mounts, I really had to learn how to pack, prepare and transport them properly because otherwise, I’ll have to pay for someone to do it for me and that is something that I don’t want to do.

Packing your Trophies

When packing your animal mounts or trophies, always remember to store them away from pests, dust and sunlight. The best way to do this is to seal them in wooden crates. You can get wooden crates from taxidermists. Because I usually preserve my trophies on my own, I had to get the wooden crates from another taxidermist, but if your animal mounts came from one, each mount has its own wooden crate when it was sent to you.

Once the mount is loaded up inside the crate, mount the animal trophy to the inside of the crate with wood screws. You should have an assistant while doing this. Have your assistant hold the plaque against the wood while you set the wooden screws in place. If your wooden crate is big enough, it can hold multiple animal trophies; if not, then you’re going to have to get different wooden crates for them all.

Pest Control

Once your mounts are inside the wooden crates, it’s time to make sure that pests don’t get into your trophies. Putting silica gel packets or poison pellets in the crates should help repel mice, rats, and other rodents that may try to get inside the wooden crate. Don’t forget to coat the crate seams with silicon. For insects, No Pest Strips should kill any insect that may dare try to invade the wooden crate. These special anti-insect strips last for four months, so they’re very good for storing your mounts for longer periods of time.

Handling with Care

During the whole moving process, keep the wooden crates in a safe and dry location. Instruct the movers to always handle the wooden crate with care because of the contents inside. Tell them not to just drop the wooden crate; this will damage the animal mounts inside, especially if you have more than one animal mount inside the wooden crate!

Just follow these golden rules and your animal mounts should be in good condition when you arrive in your new home.

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