A Taxidermist’s Love For Life

People think that because I am a taxidermist, I have no care for the living. I deal with the dead remains of animals and try to make them look like they are still alive, but I am still handling something dead.

While it is true that we taxidermists make a living out of dead animals, it does not mean that we support the massive killing of animals, especially those nearing extinction.

Also, I am a strong advocate for marine life, and I really hope that people start giving aquatic life more value so that the devastation that it is experiencing now would be stopped and the animals would not be put to danger.

In fact, I have plans of not just expanding my taxidermy business, but also try and put up a small marine life shelter in our local area. This may sound weird for some since, again, my main profession is as a taxidermist. However, I do not find this totally too far from what I do because if I want to always have a supply of marine animals that I can use in my craft, then I would need to make sure that they do not run out.

The shelter is actually already in its final stages of planning and I have contacted the contractors that I would be hiring to get the shelter done in the sturdiest way possible.

Since I will only be looking for an old shelter that I can renovate, I made sure that I would have the damages of the current structure checked, starting with the help of http://www.mywebpal.com/georgia/water-damage-atlanta to check the water damages.

I actually thought they did not offer service in Atlanta, since I first found just the ones they had for Tucson (http://www.mywebpal.com/arizona/water-damage-tucson) and Chandler (http://chandlerrestorationservices.online). But after a few more minutes of deep research I got hold of the site that services in my area, and I could not be more happy that I am able to reserve the company’s contact until I set my plans in motion.

Of course, besides making sure that the structure is free from such damages, I also had to make sure that the roof is sturdy enough to withstand rain and storm. I mean, I am suppose to provide a shelter and if the roof is not up for the job, then it won’t be a good shelter at all. Sheltering starts in the roof and so I made sure that I will hire http://birminghamprecisionroofing.com to work on the roofing of my soon to be marine shelter.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to find purpose in all that we do. Some people will never really understand how a taxidermist has found so much love for life, but it is not my mission to make them understand why, it is my mission to show them that everyone should love life of all creatures, no matter what our professions are.


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