Preventing Damage to Septic Tanks

Septic tanks, like all other products, need periodic maintenance to function properly. And if something goes wrong anywhere in the septic system, the costs can be huge. Apart from periodic maintenance and inspection, it is also necessary that we use our drainage lines properly. This article discusses the basics of septic tanks and some typical things that we shouldn’t do if we want to increase the life of the septic system. Let’s first see how septic tanks function properly for so long without maintenance. Whenever something goes out through the drainage lines in our homes, it goes to the


Tips On How To Learn Taxidermy

Plenty of hunters and fishermen want to preserve the animals that they get, and there is no better way to do that than to learn taxidermy. It beats having to pay a taxidermist a lot of money to do it for you. However, learning the craft yourself definitely isn’t something that you can accomplish in a short amount of time. There are many different skills that you will need to learn. Some of the most important topics include skinning and tanning properly. It can take quite a while to learn everything that you need to know. You’ll definitely need


A Taxidermist’s Love For Life

People think that because I am a taxidermist, I have no care for the living. I deal with the dead remains of animals and try to make them look like they are still alive, but I am still handling something dead. While it is true that we taxidermists make a living out of dead animals, it does not mean that we support the massive killing of animals, especially those nearing extinction. Also, I am a strong advocate for marine life, and I really hope that people start giving aquatic life more value so that the devastation that it is


Taxidermy Tips for Bear Hunters

Whether you’ve been hunting bears for decades or have just recently begun participating in this exciting sport, you understand the rush you experience when you’re in such close proximity to these beautifully dangerous creatures. One of the best ways to preserve the experience and share it with friends and family is to consider taxidermy services. This allows you to display your catch for all to see. If you’re considering pursuing this option, there are a few tips to ensure your final product will be everything you hoped for. Safety First Before getting started finding that perfect specimen, take a


Why Taxidermist Need To Invest In the Services of a Commercial Anniston Plumber

Catastrophes are nobody’s friend, and it certainly is not a taxidermist’s friend as well. When disasters occur, it can easily devastate taxidermy products. Despite the modernization of the taxidermy process, there are still some factors that can genuinely influence the decay of taxidermy products, which includes dirty water. This is the reason why taxidermist put a lot of effort into their work space, as well as in the museums or shops where they display their works. The work space should be sturdy and well-built. It has to be constantly kept clean, and it has to be far from areas


What To Look For In Your Rifle Scope

One thing that always baffles me when I enter into any gun store is how I realize most of the rifles lack iron sights. Since rifling was invented, metallic sights have remained to be critical components of rifles. But in the recent history, there have been fewer factories equipped with iron sights. Personally, I think this is the most powerful indication of the effectiveness of rifle scopes. Having had a huge experience in recreational shooting, I have prepared a guide that I think will be crucial for buyers when choosing a rifle scope. 1. Optical Power The optical power


All About Taxidermy

When people hear the word taxidermy, the first thing that enters the mind is that it is simply all about stuffing a dead animal in order to preserve it and display it as a trophy. However, taxidermy is more than that, at least for those who are interested in the craft. Taxidermy is a scientific art – it requires scientific methods and skilled practitioners in order to achieve a successful end product. There is an accurate measurement to follow and they have to study the anatomy of the different animals that are commonly “stuffed” as the compositions and chemicals


Historical Works In Taxidermy

Ever since the rise of Taxidermy as a Science and an Art, a lot of great works have captured the attention of people, and the hearts of those who love Taxidermy. In a long list of wonderful Taxidermy artworks, there are a few that has really caught the attention of the entire Taxidermy-loving population. These works can even be considered historic, in a sense, because of the way they made an impact in the world of Taxidermy, and because of the people who are behind these creations. Some of these historical works are the following great works of art:


The Wooden Bench – Inspirations for Your Place of Peace

There is definitely something in a wooden bench that inspires peace and inner tranquility while enjoying a breezy afternoon just outside your home. In fact, the wooden bench is usually a symbol of how the great outdoors can help almost everyone in dealing with the many problems in life. It’s always great to just sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds that Mother Nature has to offer! And since we’re talking about the wooden bench, I was once asked by a good friend of mine to give some good suggestions for her father’s birthday present. When I


Taxidermy 101 – The Proper Way to Storing your Trophy When Moving

For the seasoned hunter, keeping your animal mounts or trophy in mint perfect condition is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. There is no excuse that you couldn’t pack and store these important mementos of your hunting trip, even if it’s moving from one location to the other. Around a few months ago, I had to move from Southern California to my new apartment in Miami. That’s a thousand miles of moving from one location to the next. And since I have an extensive collection of animal mounts, I really had to learn how to pack, prepare and